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MF Produktion AB is the parent company of the group, with overview of all sibling operations and extensive experience of qualified contract manufacturing where surface finish, dimensions and shape requirements are extremely high.

Prototype manufacturing

We specialise in manufacturing complex precision parts and tools in difficult materials such as tungsten carbide, stainless steel, composite, aluminium and alloy tool steel made to very specific tolerances, mainly for the engineering technology industry - and with extremely short lead times.

Turnkey manufacturing

We offer complete turnkey manufacturing, including assembly and packaging so that from raw material to priced inventory, your product lifecycle is taken care of from start to finish.

Trained professionals

Quality controlled

Complex parts

Some of our customers

In safe hands

What we stand for
  • We are a full service provider and the natural partner for the most demanding customers in the market. We strive to be a long-term, dependable and adaptable partner.
  • All of our customers are important to us, regardless of size, industry and geography. The customer should be able to call us and get qualified assistance from concept and prototype manufacturing to delivery that meets all market requirements, now and in the future.
  • As a testament to our expertise, we are proud supplier to several customers who are world leaders in their respective fields.
  • Despite our broad production activities, so we can not do everything ourselves. Therefore, we have from the start built up a large network of qualified, well-established and skilled providers of raw materials, finishing, curing, coating, casting, etc., both in the Nordic countries and in China. (Again, we focus on long-term cooperation, to achieve the best possible results for our demanding customers.)
  • Our work is characterised mostly by high value, high standards and tight tolerances
  • We are a modern, innovation hungry group, with modern, sophisticated machinery and skilled, experienced personnel.
  • We take quality and environmental issues very seriously and of course, we work according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).
  • We work with modern, well-known systems for order management, planning, and traceability. Now work is under way to establish a common business within the Group, as an example of our quest for continuous improvement.
What we offer
  • Advanced contract and contract manufacturing of precision parts in metal and plastic.We can precision micrometer.
  • Specialists in metal cutting in turning and milling.
  • Planning, bore and cylindrical grinding.
  • Die sinking and wire EDM.
  • Surface treatments and heat treatments to all materials incl. anodizing, black oxidation, powder coating etc.
  • Moulding of rubber and plastic to metal parts.
  • Punching, shearing, bending and welding of stainless steel sheets and pipes.
  • Installation and service pipes in harsh environments, incl. orbital welding of pipe with complete documentation.
  • Measurement.
  • Assembly.
  • Final Packaging and delivery.
  • Traceability and Certificate Management.

View our assortment of machinery here.

Group testimonials

  • We are a company that produces small series, in many production runs and with short delivery times, so we need to have contractors that are on their toes and who can manufacture and supply tools for us at short notice. Fortunately MF Produktion AB is both nearby and has excellent quality.

    Håkan Arne

    Habia Cable AB

  • Great package. Great surface. Our 1st choice for producing complicated precision products.

    Li wei Xiong

    ASM (China)

  • Even in the smallest detail, a tribute to the guys who did the work. For example there is not a single sharp edge. Handles are perfectly formed and smooth. Great work! (on a scale of 1-10) Order taking and service mindedness: 10 Delivery time: 10 Collection & delivery: 10 Quality: 10 Knowledge and feeling for customer expectations: 10 Certification: 10

    Andreas Ekman

    Phadia / Thermo Fisher

  • We have been customers of Machinova for many years, always experiencing excellent service and quality. They are as friendly as they are skilled!

    Calle Stenevik

    GF Machining Solution, System 3R International AB

  • Anton Johanssons Rostfria Verkstads AB is the #1 provider for us when it comes to rust-free metals. They always go above and beyond when there’s a crisis and they are always competitively priced too!

    Simon Wennberg

    Project Manager, Projects &Technology, Fresenius Kabi AB

  • We have long been searching in China for competent and qualified production partners for our advanced, mechanical products, and MF Precision Production offers exactly that.

    Fuming Chen, Sourcing Manager


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